Our Inner Circle is made up of the world’s wealthiest individuals, their family offices, and institutional investors.

They’re members of the Forbes 400, leading entrepreneurs on a trajectory to change the world, and professional investors from large family offices, endowments and sovereign wealth funds.

On Clade, they co-invest, connect with their peers, share thought leadership, and collaborate on philanthropy, both online and at in-person events.

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The Inner Circle convenes through our private membership app.

  • Connectivity to Inner Circle members in over 14 countries
  • Invitations to global roundtable events
  • Participation in online investment forums
  • Access to private asset sales

Membership to the Inner Circle is by-invitation, and requirements are stringent.


Must have a net worth over $50M and/or be recognized as leaders of their industry and experts in their field.

Professional Investors

Must be C-suite executives or portfolio managers from family offices, pension funds, endowments, foundations, insurance companies or sovereign wealth funds. Their firms need to have at least $200M under management.

If you meet these criteria, please log in (or sign up) to learn more and apply for access to the Inner Circle.

Note that most accepted applicants are known or referred by current members, and membership is capped in absolute number and by geographic location. Unfortunately, that means we can’t accept all qualified applicants.

Agents, brokers, and people selling things will not be admitted.

Diversity matters, and we’re quite serious about our non-discrimination policy.